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Flowers became my instrument to express myself.

Emely Van Heesch-Smith

Emely van Heesch-Smith - Floral Artist


Growing up, when doing art, I was always drawing nature, and very often forests. I’ve always loved the idea of using nature to celebrate nature, and this is what I wanted to do differently in the industry.

Through my studies in fashion design, I made use of space and design to really tell a story and invite the viewer into an experience. As an apprentice to the internationally acclaimed florist Zita Elze, I learnt the subtle artistry of allowing flowers to speak their own unique expression. In this way, my work is art and always with the same objective; to celebrate nature.

Today, celebrating nature has taken a new turn. I am deeply passionate about leaving a green footprint and on showcasing the local flora that surrounds us every day.

From my 26 years working in hospitality as a florist & textile supplier, I am deeply driven to consult hotels and lodges in how to operate in a more sustainable way, using less waste, saving budgets, and rehabilitating the environment.

“I am a pioneer within an old-thinking world, but this only inspires me more; to guide hospitality towards guest attraction that is differentiated from the rest.”


Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges—and find hope.

With Biomimicry principles at her core, Emely’s passion for sustainability is pulled through to all that she does. Contact her for a consultation on sustainable floral decor solutions for your home, office, hotel or lodge.


Allow me to transform your property’s guest experience into a celebration of your property’s natural surroundings whilst still creating mesmerizing allure, attraction and talkability.

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